Little Mix is gearing up for a little hiatus come 2022.

Despite rumors the band is splitting up, the ladies of Little Mix vow they are still united and will continue their legacy as a trio.

On December 2, the group announced they’d be taking a hiatus after their 2022 tour to focus on solo ventures.

Leigh-Anne debuted her documentary, “Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race,” in 2021 and will star in her first movie, “Boxing Day.”

Perrie launched her clothing brand, “Disora,” earlier this year in addition to giving birth to her first child.

Jade is reportedly being lined up for a string of presenting jobs after impressing BBC show bosses with her hosting skills

The Sun reports the three of them could collectively earn upwards of a billion dollars.

PR expert Nick Ede told The Sun, "They've got a massive opportunity now to earn far more than they probably would have done as a group. We're talking billions.”

According to Ede, Perrie is the most business savvy of the bunch and has positioned herself in such a way that she could rake in the most money.