Mason Disick might be up to his old tricks and creating social media accounts behind his mother’s back.

The oldest child of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick notoriously created an Instagram back in 2020 behind his parent’s back.

He revealed that at the time Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were not dating.

Now, fans believe that he created an entirely new IG account under a pseudonym and revealed his new nephew’s name.

Kylie gave birth to a baby boy on February 2 and announced his name was “Wolf Webster.”

A month later she announced she and the rapper didn’t vibe with the name and were working on changing it.

An Instagram account with the username @itzangel_j shared a picture of a baby, which fans believe is just a random photo from Google.

The photo was shared alongside the name ‘Knight Jacques Webster,’ and Kylie and Travis were tagged in the photo.

The alleged account no longer exists on Instagram, which could mean Kylie and Travis caught wind of it and made him shut it down, or it could all be nonsense.