Kylie Jenner has just been served a fresh, heaping pile of criticism.

The cosmetics mogul has been under constant scrutiny since posting a photo of her and Travis Scott embracing in front of their respective private jets.

She captioned the photo, “you wanna take mine or yours?”

According to Twitter account @CelebJets the Kylie Cosmetics private jet took off from Camarillo, CA. to Van Nuys, CA.

Driving from Camarillo to Van Nuys is about a 45-minute drive depending on traffic. Flying that route privately takes only 17 minutes.

Kylie lives in Hidden Hills, CA. which is 25.6 miles away from Camarillo, CA. and a 29-minute drive depending on traffic.

Now here’s the kicker… Van Nuys, where Kylie flew into, is 15.6 miles away from Hidden Hills and a 29-minute drive.

So, Kylie drove 30 minutes out of her way to fly 17 minutes to Camarillo, CA.

Here’s the real kicker, Hidden Hills is closer to Camarillo than Van Nuys.