Kylie Jenner is thirsty for some attention.

The cosmetics mogul clearly had some free time on her hands this weekend.

The mother-of-two shared a video of herself in full glam staring into the camera with a filter over top.

The filter said, “You’re a 10, but…” while different answers generated.

Some of the answers were, “you laugh even in serious situations,” “you think you can get to everywhere in 10 minutes” and “You always fall for the wrong person.”

The filter ended up landing on, “You’re a 10, but… There is no but. You are a 10.”

She ends the video by putting her hand over her smiling face. Really, Kylie???

Kylie also shared photos of herself at the beach wearing a black jean skirt, bright blue top, black trench coat and black military boots. She topped off the look with neon green sunglasses.

She was joined by her baby daddy and boyfriend, Travis Scott.