Kylie Jenner revealed her son’s new name as Aire, 10 months after announcing that she and Travis Scott would change it from Wolf.

Since the reveal, Jenner has been criticized for the other meanings of her son’s name, including a particularly X-rated Arabic meaning.

Fans on twitter found out that the word “Aire” means “my penis” in Arabic.

The revelation has fans spiraling with several reactions on social media.

Fans also deduced that the name could be short for the word “BillionAIRE.”

Jenner has a controversial relationship with the tag “Billionaire” because of her fallout with Forbes.

According to a source for E! News, Aire is a Hebrew name which means “Lion of God.”

Aire Webster’s face reveal comes few days before his birthday on February 2nd.

His parents, Jenner and Scott, have reportedly broken up.