Kris Jenner is not shy when it comes to money.

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner empire has her mind on her money, and money on her mind 24/7.

Kris recently stopped by her BFF, Ellen DeGeneres’, talk show on Tuesday, April 5.

Ellen and Kris played a game of “5 Second Rule.”

After a few rounds of “Name three words for ‘booty,’” and “Name three of your children’s names,” Kris was dealt a rather personal and tricky question.

DJ tWitch asks, “Okay Kris, name three qualities you want in a son-in-law.”

Without missing a beat, the bon-a-fide “momager” responds, “Kind, honest and really rich.”

While the latter part of the answer was followed by a laugh, it’s no secret money speaks volumes to the Kar-Jenner women.

The famous family left the E! Network to go to Hulu, because the streaming platform would pay them more.