Kris Jenner… your white, rich privilege is BURNING OUR EYES.

During the season two premiere of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, viewers got a front row seat to Khloe revealing that she was expecting another baby with Tristan.

It also showed us that Kris is literally richer than God.

The matriarch of the Kar-Jenner family legitimately forgot… FORGOT she owned a condo in Beverly Hills.

Khloe and Kris paid a visit to the forgotten condo which Kris admitted she uses for wrapping Christmas gifts.

“This is our gift-wrapping station, this is Santa’s workshop,” Kris joked.

Khloe responded, “I can’t wait to be wealthy enough to forget I have property somewhere.”

“Here’s the thing… I have a condo and my mom has one and my cousin has one. And we all live nearby… I kind of forgot it was there,” Kris said with a laugh.

“That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.”