Kourtney Kardashian certainly had a dream wedding, considering it spanned three actual weddings, with two of them being legal, and a whole host of functions in between.

For the finale, the couple got married in Portofino, Italy and Kourtney Kardashian abandoned her casual style and wore stuff that resides in high fashion magazines.

Her wedding dress sported a veil that paid the sweetest tribute to her groom and now husband, Travis Barker.

Kourtney's dream wedding could not have been possible without her dream wedding outfit, designed by Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda.

The trolls went after Kourtney, saying it looked more like lingerie for the wedding night rather than a wedding dress, and technically, they were partly right.

The dress came inspired by 1960s Italian lingerie and la dolce vita, and Kourtney looked like a diva in it.

Kourtney's wedding dress may have been short, offending the sensibilities of Instagram trolls, but her veil was as sweeping and grand as they get.

The wide, long tulle veil bore floral lace appliqués inspired by the flowers of the Mediterranean-style gardens in Portofino.

Right in the center was a cross-stitch embroidery depicting the Virgin Mary, and the words "family loyalty respect", a tattoo that Travis Barker wears on his head.