KJ Apa has gotten a full-blown makeover thanks to fatherhood.

The “Riverdale” star was on dad duty Thursday, November 11 and he decided to document it.

This is the first time KJ has shown off his newborn son, Sasha.

He posted a video of himself giving an impassioned motivational speech to his IG profile grid.

“You will grow to be the king of these lands. You will grow to rule the people of this earth,” he said.

KJ then turned to his IG stories to have some fun. He put on the ‘Botox filter’ to talk about “tummy time.”

“So for all the first-time parents who are wondering what to do with their baby, um, tummy time is really important,” he started off.

“It’s really good for their neck, the mobility of their spine and overall blood flow to the respiratory system of the baby’s body.”

KJ is definitely a “cool dad”