Kim Kardashian’s garnering a new wave of backlash just before the New Year.

The mother-of-four recently shared a video of her two Pomeranian dogs decked out in holiday attire and confined to a caged off area in her garage.

However, the dogs’ play pen area had food, water, pee pads, bedding and a Christmas tree.

Of course, where there’s a dog in a garage there is backlash.

Fans were NOT happy with the SKIMs treatment of the two tiny pooches.

To make matters worse for herself, Kim deleted the video that was published to TikTok shortly after posting it.

“Yeah I have a huge feeling they never really leave that garage,” one person commented on the now-deleted video.

“You’d think someone in a mansion would have like a dog room inside the mansion and not the garage,” another added.

“They have acres of land but they keep dogs in their garage smh,” one dismayed fan commented, while another simply wrote, “This is sad ☹.”