Kim Kardashian is dishing out new details about her relationship with Pete Davidson.

The SKIMS founder stopped by “TODAY” with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday, June 21.

The three women went to talk about how Kim and Pete’s relationship started, which if you didn’t know, was Kim’s doing. She pursued Pete.

Kim was the first one to send a text after reaching out to a producer at “Saturday Night Live” following her October 9, 2021 appearance.

“How do you decide when to introduce your kids? How much to share with your kids kind of when you have a new man in your life,” a very curious Hoda asked.

Kim admitted, “I consulted with a few therapists and friends that have been through it. So, I definitely wanted to wait six months and that was like the marker.”

When asked if the relationship took her by surprise, Kim said it did.

Kim wasn’t planning on getting in a relationship following her divorce, but things with Pete kind of just happened.

Kim said, “I waited like a good ten months before I was ready to open myself up, and I definitely think you need that time to yourself.”