Kim Kardashian opened up about the start of her happy relationship with Pete Davidson.

His ‘BDE’ (Big D**k Energy) definitely had an effect on her.

Kim appeared on Amanda Hirsch’s podcast, “Not Fat But Not Skinny.”

She explained that their “situationship” started in September 2021 at the Met Gala.

Pete tried to get her phone number, but her Met Gala look literally wouldn’t allow her to open her phone.

When Kim was asked about his ‘BDE,’ the mother-of-four admitted that she wasn’t focused on it until after they kissed and she felt a “zing.”

“I was like not even focused and then when we kissed I was like, ‘MMMMM,’” Kim said.

“It was a stage kiss, but it was still a little ‘zing.’ It wasn’t like this super crazy feeling, but I was just like, ‘Mmm…’”

“And then a few days later, I was like, ‘Hmm… there is some BDE action.’ Like, I just gotta get myself out there,” Kim admitted.