Tonight is finally the night for Kim Kardashian, as she will be hosting "Saturday Night Live," for the first time ever.

She is also the first Kardashian to do so.

Ahead of this hosting, she has reportedly been feeling nervous, but has definitely been putting the work in.

A few days ago, SNL also put out a promo clip, of Kardashian with musical guest, Halsey, as well as Cecily Strong.

Kardashian has been serious about making sure that this SNL hosting role goes perfectly as planned. This is the second episode of the show's 47th season.

According to reports, Kim has been spending 20-hour rehearsal days, since getting to NYC. She initially got into town, on October 4.

Kardashian reportedly started the rehearsals between 5-6AM, and didn't finish until 3AM, the next day.

She's also supposedly been perfectly fine with this schedule, and has been putting in the work needed, to make this hosting a success, for this iconic show.

Comedy legends such as Dave Chappelle, Michelle Wolf, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer, and James Corden have also said to have been helping Kardashian prepare.