During Thursday's episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians," Kim Kardashian was seen talking about her pee anxiety.

The condition compels her to use the toilet frequently whenever she gets nervous about appearing at a big event.

The SKIMS founder faced a similar scenario as she prepared to hit the runway for the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris.

In the episode, she revealed that she travels around with a cup to pee in and wet wipes to clean up if she gets anxious.

"I travel with a cup in the backseat of the car with a Ziplock of wet wipes," Kim said.

She also revealed that her solution to resolving her pee anxiety nauseated her mother.

Kim once considered putting a pee hole in her SKIMS shapewears.

Kim's sister, Kendall Jenner, also shares similar anxiety issues, which sometimes trigger panic attacks.

Both siblings have been open about their mental health struggles in the past.