Kim Kardashian is a firm believer in second… third… and fourth chances.

It’s clear, the Kar-Jenner family gives those closest to them multiple passes to get back into their good graces.

Kim is a hopeless romantic who believes in love so much so that she’s ready for her FOURTH (and hopefully final) wedding.

Kim talks marriage in a new sneak peek clip for “The Kardashians” on Hulu airing Thursday, May 5.

“To me, a baby, you’re stuck f or life. Marriages come and go, no offense guys. Take it from me,” Kim sarcastically jokes.

“I believe in love that’s why hopefully there will just be one more wedding for me. Fourth time’s a charm,” she concluded.

Kim has already been married and divorced three times.

Kim infamously married Kris Humphries for a total of 72 days.

Her divorce from Kanye West was finalized in March.