When news broke that Kanye West and Julia Fox had started dating, many didn't believe the information.

It wasn't easy to believe and understand because he was very recently vocal about how much he loves Kim Kardashian and wants to win her back.

Some think he is using Fox to make Kim jealous, but it isn't working, partly because Fox is a massive fan of the Kardashians.

She spoke about how much she would miss the family and their reality show in one of her podcast episodes and leveled herself as a die-hard Kardashian fan.

According to TMZ, Kim is aware that Fox is a fan and happy with West's decisions.

She hopes that their relationship grows and that they can all have peace and a stable co-parenting structure.

In a date night piece for Interview magazine, Fox spoke about how she and West met and their first and second dates.

They have since been quiet and very private about their dates and relationship, but they were recently seen dining with Antonio Brown.

Some fans think that West is using Fox to make Kim jealous, and some believe that Fox is also using West to get closer to the Kardashians.