Kim Kardashian’s involvement with the famous fashion brand Balenciaga is causing public outrage.

The brand came under fire recently for its controversial advertisements concerning children.

Since then, fans asked the star to denounce her commitment to the brand and called her out aggressively when she refused.

Instead of cutting ties, she seemed to pick their side as she posed in a picture wearing their clothes.

Some comments called her desperate and asked if she would remain calm if her kids were involved.

The campaign featured kid models standing with teddy bears dressed in bondage wear and a court document about virtual child porn.

The brand issued a public apology in a statement while promising to look into the details of what went wrong and punish those at fault.

The entrepreneur also received negative feedback about her healthy vegan food brand advert.

Fans were not for it because they felt she was claiming to cook for her kids despite being known to have several chefs in her employ.