Mourns The Death Of His Bulldog, Who Saved Him From ‘Cutting’ Himself

Kid Cudi

He's a “complete mess” after losing his 11-year old bulldog, Freshie.

The famous musician shared the heartbreaking news and revealed to fans the dog helped him through terrible days where he was considering “cutting” himself.



I got some sad news yall. Freshie is gone. He left us a few days ago peacefully at home surrounded by people that love him. His family, Cudi wrote.

Cudi said he got Freshie when the producers of "How To Make It In America" told him his character would have a pooch in the 2nd season.

Freshie helped him figure out how to work with dogs onset because he had no previous experience with them... and it worked!

Little did he know how much the bulldog would mean to him and his health over the next 11 years. 

"He was my guardian angel."

— kid cudi

"Nights Id want to cut myself, Id see Freshie and I couldn’t do it. He would stare at me when I would have a knife to my stomach, eyes glaring at me tellin me to put the knife down."