Khloe Kardashian admits she’s “a real one.”

The ‘Kardashians’ star shared a quote to her Instagram Story that read, “One thing about a real one, We still real after you disappoint us.”

It’s no secret that Khloe has experienced A LOT of disappointment in her lifetime.

Her ex-husband, Lamar Odom, constantly cheated on her and nearly died from an overdose.

Koko’s ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, also cheated on her incessantly and even got another woman pregnant while they were working on expanding their family.

Since their 2021 breakup, rumors have begun swirling that Khloe and Tristan were working on mending their romantic relationship and potentially getting back together.

However, The Blast reported on Khloe denying reconciliation rumors in February.

She replied to the fan on Twitter, saying, “Who has time for a man lol I have a 6-month-old baby, and True and I are sickly codependent on one another. Ha! I secretly love it. No, but for real…. No man right now…. He’s in my prayers, too, ha!”

This could be due to her growing maturity.