Khloe Kardashian isn’t crying over spilled milk, aka, Tristan Thompson’s latest cheating scandal.

The reality TV star has been cheated on by her ex-boyfriend a handful of times, and with every affair, Khloe grew harder.

In a new exclusive from Us Weekly, a source revealed that “Khloe is stronger this time around when it comes to Tristan.”

The source continued, “Since she has been hurt by him before, she’s hardened.”

Khloe is not sad or torn up about it this time around.

Khloe reportedly loves the way Tristan is as a father, but has no plans to reconcile emotionally with him.

“She’s focusing on herself, her business and her daughter,” the source told the outlet.

Earlier today, Khloe took to Instagram and posted about betrayal.

She posted a number of sexy photos and captioned them, “Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies.”