Khloe Kardashian is making it known that if you put in time at the gym, there will be results.

Just one day after posting her ripped backside on Instagram, Koko took to app again to show how she transforms into a queen.

Was this a message to her exes… definitely looks like it to me.

In the picture, Khloe’s wearing massive gold Chanel earrings, a tight brown tube top with her hair in a top bun.

She’s showing off her slender profile and has her hand resting on her decolletage.

Khloe captioned the photo, “The crown is heavy, but the queen is strong.”

Her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, responded, “Facts baby !! Queen status forever.”

Khloe replied to Kourt writing, “thank you my queen.”

One fan wrote, “Perfect girl 😍,” while another replied, “I loveee youuuuuuu😍.”