Kenan Thompson, recently spoke out about his romance with Kim Kardashian and why he has so much appeal.

While walking the PCA red carpet on Tuesday, December 7, Kenan stopped by Access Hollywood for a quick chat.

When asked his thoughts on Kim and Pete’s budding relationship, Kenan responded, “I guess it happened kind of fast.”

“But I don’t really know their business outside of what everybody else is reading, I guess.”

Kenan added that his charm and appeal is NOT his ‘BDE.’

In the event you forgot (how could you) what ‘BDE’ stands for, it stands for “Big D**k Energy.”

“He’s a good dude, you know. He’s a talented boy, and I think he’s just very down to earth, grounded, and I think that’s very appealing to people,” Kenan said.

He added that it’s really special he and Kim were able to keep it real on a roller coaster ride.

Kim and Pete haven’t been spotted out together in a few weeks.