Kelly Rowland has reiterated her stance on the Chris Brown controversy, stating it’s way past time for the public to move on from his past.

The singer addressed her AMAs speech, during which she accepted Brown’s award on his behalf and silenced the booing crowd.

After shushing the crowd, Rowland praised Brown extensively and thanked him for his contribution to R&B music.

Rowland told the TMZ that people need to focus on the good rather than picking at the bad and choosing to always cast stones.

Shortly after Rowland gave her speech at the AMAs, she and Brown began trending on social media.

Many Twitter users were split between criticizing Brown for his aggressive past and Rowland for supporting him publicly.

Many others supported her for making her position clear and pushing for people to forgive Brown.

The singer himself complained earlier about his tribute performance for Michael Jackson being canceled by the AMAs team with no explanation.

He posted a video showing on Instagram showing what would have been his tribute performance to Jackson at the AMAs.