The singer, who’s currently wrapped up in a nasty divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock, faced a major legal setback in court.

Kelly filed for divorce from Blackstock in June 2020 after seven years of marriage.

On Monday, December 20, Us Weekly reported the ‘Voice’ coach will NOT be able to evict her husband from her Montana ranch.

Clarkson was awarded the property back in October.

Blackstock has lived on their land since the divorce process started and protested Kelly from being named the sole owner.

A judge declared on October 1 that the Montana ranch is now in the ownership of Clarkson.

Kelly reportedly had the rights to evict Blackstock from the property, but that is not the case anymore.

A source told Us Weekly, “Kelly recently had a major legal setback in a bid to get Brandon evicted from the Montana property that the judge awarded solely to her.

“He has been living in it and said he doesn’t have the financial means to afford to purchase a residence of his own at this time, citing the unresolved financial aspect of their divorce.”