Keke Palmer got candid about her intimate life and pornography preferences.

The actress sat down with the hosts of the “Whoreible Decisions” podcast and opened about

She’s known to date men; however, she revealed that she’s “even across the board.”

When asked if she has ever considered being with a woman or dating a woman, Palmer replied, “Yeah, I’m definitely in the middle of the scale.”

“I’m definitely even across the board. I feel like love is love, life is life, like do your thing, live your life. Like, I feel that way.”

She admitted she’s never been with a woman, but that could always change in the future.

This also led the ladies on the “Whoreible Decisions” podcast to talk about Palmer’s pornography preferences.

“I only like girl-on-girl porn because it’s nice and beautiful,” the Disney Channel alum admitted.

“It’s the delicacy of the arrangement. I don’t like all that rough stuff.”