When people are genuinely in love, they go overboard sometimes, and Keith Richards’ name is not missing on that list.

Richards first met his wife, Patti Hansen in a studio, when she and her friends asked him to buy them drinks, and her obliged.

When he offered them the drink, Hanson dashed out of his presence without striking a conversation and this made him more interested in her.

When it came to showing his love for Hansen, Richards went the extraordinary mile by using his blood to write love letters to her.

He would also create mixtape for her, and used her pictures from several magazines to make collage for her.

Richards may be a bold lover, but he has only been in two relationships all his life.

Hansen on the other hand, also lived a low-key life and kept her affairs out of the media until she met her superstar husband.

Of all the things Richards did to prove his love for Hansen, using his blood to write letters was the darnest and creepiest. But she loved him for it, and they are still together till date.

The pair share two daughters born in 1985 and 1986 respectively.