Katharine McPhee stood up for her best friend turned husband, David Foster, amid Instagram backlash.

On December 28, Foster shared a bikini photo of his wife with the caption "what baby!"

This statement enraged viewers, but McPhee came to his defense on Instagram, December 29.

The mother-of-one clarified that she lost weight without dieting or outside pressure.

McPhee struggled with her weight in her 20s and 30s and noted she might gain it back.

The actress asked haters to stop being overly sensitive and misunderstanding Foster's intent.

McPhee asked people to move on and be unoffended by posts with zero impact on their lives.

Foster's wife previously texted him a steamy lingerie picture, joking that she is now an underwear model.

The loving husband gushed that "hot mom" looks amazing and joked that she was "busy stripping."