Kate stated that she wants kids to speak their minds and do arts without being afraid that they would get canceled by individuals.

She clarified that she understood the idea of canceling people who committed certain offenses, but it was taken too far sometimes.

She added that she wanted kids to have more room to grow and make their paths.

Actress Helena Carter previously declared her hatred for the concept of cancel culture.

She referred to the attempted cancellation of J.K Rowling after she expressed her concern for single-sex areas.

The actress claimed that people should be allowed to deal with their hurt however they deem fit.

Kate dismissed the idea of gaining her stardom from nepotism — her parents, grandparents, siblings, and fiancé are famed Hollywood celebrities.

Using her family as an example, she said she did not care for nepotism as her family was a storytelling one.

She added that she only cared about individuals' work efforts.