Karamo Brown got emotional talking about his son Jason’s drug overdose two years ago on his talk show, “Karamo.”

Brown got tearful as he spoke, saying he was terrified and in shock when he found Jason dying from the overdose.

The TV personality shared a message of support for his listeners and fans going through drug addiction.

The new show also features Jason discussing his memories of the overdose and how he’s progressed.

Brown had previously spoken about how becoming a father helped him decide to end his “functioning addict” behavior.

Brown learned about Jason when his son was ten after the boy’s mother issued him a subpoena for child support.

He subsequently got full custody of Jason and, in 2011, became the guardian to his half-brother Chris.

Brown also recently spoke about his new show and revealed how emotional he got after learning it was picked up.

Regarding his duties as a “Queer Eye” host, Brown confirmed that he’s not stepping back from his role on the show.