Kanye West and Tristan Thompson are still tight after the NBA star was somewhat exiled from the Kardashian family.

The rapper and basketballer were spotted grabbing dinner on Tuesday, March 1 in Miami, Fl.

They were joined by a few other dinner guests, including Ye’s new flame, Chaney Jones.

"They were happy to see each other and the vibe was light and fun," the Miami source told the E! News.

“Kanye was smiling and holding court at the table. He and Tristan seemed like good friends having a fun night out,” they continued.

The insider mentioned the group stayed past midnight and passed the time by eating, drinking and sharing stories.

"At the end of the night, Kanye and Tristan hugged before going their separate ways."

Both Tristan and Kanye were both in Miami for work.

The Chicago Bulls played against the Miami Heat on February 28, and Kanye premiered his new album, “Donda 2,” on February 22 and has stayed down south ever since.