Shades Kim Kardashian By Unfollowing Her On Social Media, Again! This isn’t the first time.

Kanye West

In June, Kanye unfollowed his wife & her entire family on all social media. She had already filed for divorce in February, but Ye re-followed Kim as things seemed to be improving.

As of Monday, September 13, Kanye made his IG account private, and it shows he's only following 12 accounts... Kim's isn't one of them!

Interestingly enough, all 12 accounts he is following have blacked-out profile pictures, just like Ye.

There's no definite reason for sudden unfollowing or what the profile picture is all about, but there is a possibility that the two actions are related.

Some fans think that the couple is still heading for divorce, despite reconciliation rumors, and the unfollowing is just the nail in the coffin.

Kim has been very supportive of Ye throughout the release of his 'Donda' album, but it couldn't have been easy.

A source told Page Six that his infidelity inspired the song “Hurricane” on the album. Either way, Kim still has 253-million followers, so she's good.