Fresh off his drama with Karefa-Johnson, Hadid, and Khloe, Kanye West is already involved in yet another feud.

The “Praise God” rapper shared a Google news page screenshot focusing on Hailey’s comments supporting Karefa-Johnson.

West captioned the post, “Wait, Am I canceled again??? Justin [Bieber], please let me know.”

In a subsequent post ranting about his controversial shirts, West mentioned Justin again and asked him “to get his girl before I get mad.”

He also mentioned Karifa-Johnson in the rant, writing, “Those Boots Gab Was Wearing Were Fucking Traaaaash.”

In Hailey’s comments to Karifa-Johnson, she said she respects her deeply and said working with her is an honor.

Hadid was also one of the first celebrities to criticize West for his statements on the Vogue editor.

She commented on West’s post that he wishes he had any of the editor’s intellect and called him “a bully and a joke.”

Several fashion insiders have spoken about whether West will be “canceled” due to the intense controversy.