Posts Brutal X-Ray Pictures Of Son Saint’s Broken Arm The little guy appeared to suffer from a clean break.

Kanye West

Kanye shared graphic x-ray photos of his son Saint’s broken arm, proving Kim Kardashian was justified in being so upset when the incident occurred.

West didn’t specifically say it was his son’s arm, but fans already knew about the incident after Kim shared details of the harrowing incident earlier this month.

Kim revealed the former couple’s 5-year-old son had broken his arm “in a few places.” At the time, she showed off her son sitting in a wheelchair while being pushed through the emergency room.

“Who do you think cried more today? My baby broke his arm in a few places today,” she wrote alongside a photo of Saint. Adding “I’m not ok.”

Saint’s appeared to suffer a clean break of his forearm. Obviously, the little guy has been fitted with a permanent cast after doctors set the bone.

Neither Kim nor Kanye addressed the cause of the incident, nor did they reveal what exactly happened to precede the accident.

In the end, kids will be kids, and we are joining Kanye's millions of followers in wishing Saint a speedy recovery.