Kanye West was recently kicked off Twitter for sharing garbled tweets., one of which bore a Swastika symbol with the Jewish star.

When Twitter complained, asking Musk to “fix Ye”, Musk replied he had tried.

Musk suspended the rapper’s Twitter account and in retaliation, Ye took to Instagram.

He tried to throw shade at Musk calling him a Chinese hybrid.

He asked fans to start looking into Musk’s childhood photos to find the “Chinese” connection.

Ye even called Musk a clone, saying they must have made 10-30 versions before Musk finally stuck.

When a Twitter user shared these comments with Musk, the entrepreneur wittily replied that he thought it was a compliment.

Ye then posted the conversation on his Instagram page and agree with Musk that he had meant it as a compliment.

Fans feel Kanye West might have truly lost it, as he continued to throw shade at Barack Obama.