Kanye West’s antisemitic posts got him temporarily banned from Instagram and Twitter, but he’s back now.

While he may have stopped his antisemitic rants and went to the extent of saying he was mentally misdiagnosed, he continues to stir all kinds of beef.

West came back on Twitter soon after Elon Musk took control, although Musk made it clear, reinstating Ye’s account was not his doing.

Meanwhile, Ye has also shown support towards Kyrie Irving, calling him one of the “real ones.”

Irving was also under fire for his antisemitic tweet, which he later defended as free speech.

Much like Adidas dropped Kanye West, reducing his fortunes, Nike has taken a stand and canceled its deal with Irving.

Coming back to Ye, having an argument with a parent at his son’s football match last week, Ye and Kim Kardashian are now talking again, so at least there’s that.

But he’s off on Twitter, using his “love speeches” to further antagonize people like Drake and Shaquille O’Neal.

While Drake has kept silent at the aimed Tweet, Shaq shut Kanye West down, asking him to take care of “family business” first.