It seems it’s becoming an end of an era for Kanye West and Drake’s feud.

Kanye has seemingly extended the white flag to Drake in a new update.

As seen in a video shared on music producer J. Prince’s Instagram, Kanye called for an end to their beef.

The “Fade” crooneer asked Drake him to join him on stage on December 7 at a performance in Los Angeles.

He explained that the purpose of joint performance was for the release of Larry Hoover.

Hoover, an infamous gang leader, was incarcerated for six life sentences.

Kanye said the upcoming event will “prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride to the side.”

J. Prince revealed that he spoke to Kanye to end the beef after speaking to Hoover, who wanted the rappers to mend things.

Drake is yet to respond to Kanye’s request.