Justin Bieber posted another small update about his facial paralysis soon after his Instagram video where he spoke about getting Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

On Friday, Bieber, who has some 240 million Instagram followers posted a video, where he spoke about his current health condition.

In the video, fans can clearly see how Bieber's right side of his face is under partial paralysis, and how his eyes are not blinking in tandem.

Fans' comments and support have been pouring in for the "Sorry" singer, urging him to get all the rest he can to get better.

Earlier this week, Bieber had rescheduled three shows of his 2022 Justice World Tour, stating a "non-COVID-related illness."

The Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a rare condition that causes atraumatic peripheral facial paralysis and is caused by a shingles virus.

A weak and compromised immune system is also to blame, and as Bieber says, "This is pretty serious as you can see.”

In a heartbreaking update in his Instagram story, Bieber wrote: "Been getting progressively harder to eat.”

He asked his fans to pray for him since it was getting extremely frustrating for him.