Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber may have baby fever, as new photos show them doting on a baby.

On Justin’s Instagram page, a snap of Hailey sweetly kissing a baby on the cheek was seen.

Another upload showed Justin in a daddy-like pose, as an infant snuggled in his arms.

Additionally, there was an image of Hailey with the infant strapped on her chest.

Fans noted that the couple looked like perfect parents and begged them to have a baby.

A fan suggested a baby name, while another experienced anticipation to see a Bieber baby.

A particular follower seemed to think that the Biebers were hinting at something.

Previously, the couple brought back the ‘90s fashion, rocking fashion pieces from the ’90s.

Justin rocked a face cap turned back while Hailey rocked a low-rise denim.