Italian-American actress Julia Fox has struggled with OCD and ADHD for some time.

She revealed how difficult it is to manage her mental health disorders and her career in a TikTok video.

This came after a fan asked her to talk about how it affected her career as an actress.

The actress revealed that ADHD and OCD were “very difficult” to manage, and they gave her a hard time.

While she feels very productive sometimes, she feels very stagnant the rest of the time and owes this to her ADHD.

She recently realized that she had OCD, as she randomly counted the number of words in her head and made sure they reached 10.

She smokes weed to distract her from the OCD, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t work for ADHD.

Fox broke up with rapper Kanye West following some unresolved issues and is proud of herself.

She will star in the upcoming film “Puppet” and as Carrie White in the upcoming biopic “Upper Cut.”