Julia Fox is telling all about her short-lived relationship with Kanye West.

The “Uncut Gems” actress recently appeared on “Ziwe” and shared her thoughts on men, murder, penises and Kanye.

When asked, “Should men be allowed to have opinions?”

Fox promptly responded, “No, no. They shouldn’t even be allowed to have penises.”

She further explained her stance telling Ziwe, “It’s just unfair. If I were president, I would give guns to every woman and not any guns to any men,” she said.

“Because, I feel like if they can have a penis, which is a weapon of mass destruction… it can be, it can be. I think women should be allowed to have the same thing.”

Speaking of penises… Fox suggested her ex-boyfriend is packing in the nether regions.

“Tell me when to stop,” host Ziwe told the actress while moving her hands wider and wider.

When Ziwe’s hands were about shoulder-width apart, Fox told her to stop.