Julia Fox fans don’t have to wait for her book to come out to get the TEA!

The actress shared new information about her relationship with Kanye West for free, and her thoughts about the Kardashians.

On Monday, November 21st, Fox took to TikTok to share some free tea.

“By the time me and him got together he hadn’t been doing anything like out there yet,” she said.

“But, I remember just being like… he was texting me, I wasn’t really answering. I was like, I don’t really want to hook up with a celebrity again.”

She knew that she could get Kanye off Kim’s case if she distracted him.

“But then I had this thought… I was like, ‘Maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case. I can distract him, just get him to like me.’”

According to Fox, it was her decision to end the relationship; however, she try and help his mental health before they broke up in February.

“I was delusional, I thought I could help him and now we’re here,” Fox explained.