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Wavy Line

Johnny Depp

Finally Speaks Out About Hollywood Boycott

He recently had a sit down with the British Newspaper, The Times.

Johnny called out MGM for allegedly withholding his latest film, and suspects it has something to do with his ongoing battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Depp's latest project, a movie titled 'Minamata,' was scheduled to be released in February 2021 but was pushed back due to the pandemic.

However, he and the movie's director think there are other reasons behind this pushback. Mainly hesitation because of his current reputation.

Johnny and the filmmakers allegedly promised not to show the main character of 'Minamata' in any situations that could be comparable to his situation with Amber.

"We looked these people in the eyeballs and promised we would not be [exploitative]. That the film would be respectful,” he said about their arrangement. 

— Johnny Depp

“I believe that we’ve kept our end of the bargain, but those who came in later should also maintain theirs.”