Johnny Depp spent over $62,000 for a special Indian dinner with his friends to celebrate his victory against Amber Heard.

They indulged in a feast of authentic Indian meals, Rosé champagne, and cocktails at the Varanasi restaurant.

Depp was with his guitarist friend, Jeff Beck, when they decided to have a celebratory dinner party.

He posed for pictures with fans, and the restaurant’s management closed for the night to give them privacy.

Mohammed Hussain, Varanasi’s operations director, said he thought the call was a joke but was pleasantly surprised.

He said they had delicacies such as chicken tikka, lamb karahi, lamb karahi, and tandoori king prawns.

Hussain also said Depp was a “lovely, down-to-earth bloke” and took time to talk to all the staff and take pictures.

He shared that he promised not to reveal the total bill but that it was easily in five figures.

Hussain said his favorite moment was when Depp took a little break from the party and just sat with him in his office.