John Travolta

Speaks Candidly Of Conversation With His Son After His Wife’s Death

He sat down with Kevin Hart.

Travolta opened up and explained on Kevin Hart's show, 'Hart to Heart,' what he said to his then 10-year-old son, Ben, about death after Kelly Preston passed away.

Preston died after a two-year battle with breast cancer in July 2020, and this is the first time that Travolta has publicly discussed how he told the truth to his son.



‘Ben, you always love the truth and I'm going to tell you the truth about life,’” Travolta recalled. “‘Nobody knows when they're going to go, when they're gonna stay.

Travolta continued,

"Your brother left at 16, too young. Your mother left at 57, that was too young, but who's to say? I could die tomorrow. You could. Anybody can."

— John Travolta

"It’s part of life. You don't know exactly. You just do your best at trying to live the longest you can.”

Kevin was impressed by John's openness and honesty and gushed that he doesn't have "enough money" to pay for the shared wisdom. 'Hart to Heart' airs on Peacock.