John Legend To Ariana Grande:

Never Trust Blake Shelton

The new coach on 'The Voice' is learning Blake's tricks!

Fans of NBC's 'The Voice' got their first look at the new coach, Ariana Grande, in action, and she is already getting good advice from her fellow coaches... some of them.

The clip revealed that Ari is sitting in between Shelton and Legend. Blake seemed jealous of the fan reaction to Ariana and teased her a little.

the voice

“Ariana is the new coach here, and I’m extending an olive branch when I’m not in the mix. I’m trying to help the kid out,”  Blake said facetiously.

As soon as their friendly relationship started, Ariana started to question the country star's motive.

“What’s happening? Why is he being nice?” Grande asks while turning to Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

Legend weighs in and gives her some hilarious but practical advice. “Never trust it,” he says. To which she replies, “I don’t.”