John Boyega is a 29-year-old actor who was born in London to Nigerian parents.

Best known for starring as Finn in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy, Boyega is not afraid to speak up for what’s important to him, including the racist treatment of his character who became sidelined as the trilogy went on.

Boyega seeks to put his values on display in all of his work, which led to his partnership with fashion brand H&M.

The partnership has created The Edition by John Boyega, which includes some of his favorite wardrobe staples, like oversized sweaters, long overcoats, and chunky sneakers.

All of the products are sustainably produced with recycled wool, organic cotton, and a vegan leather substitute.

The sustainability aspect of the campaign is important to Boyega, who is always looking to educate people on how to be sustainable and how to recycle.

He also wants to bring his Nigerian heritage to the collection with bold African patterns and prints.

He credits Eddie Murphy’s character in “Coming 2 America” as a great example of “proper African style.”

The Edition by John Boyega will be available for purchase on October 28.