“Full House” star, Jodie Sweetin, recently opened up about her alarming weight loss.

She recently appeared on Allison Kugel’s podcast, “Allison Interviews.”

Sweetin talked all things growing up on “Full House,” to how she handled the pandemic.

The three most pivotal moments of her life were getting adopted at 14-months old, being cast on ‘FH,’ and giving birth at 26.

However, she had no idea once she shot to fame on the hit family sitcom, her life would change forever.

From her teens to her mid-twenties, Sweeting struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.

She explained that the pandemic made her feel very much out of control, like she was when she was using.

“I know I was a mess during the pandemic. I was not a fully functioning person. It was awful,” Sweetin admitted. “I lost almost 37 pounds, because I’m a stress starver.”

“I just stopped eating.  I couldn’t keep food down. I’ll be really honest about it; the pandemic was not good for me. I have severe anxiety and depression anyway, so it really didn’t do any favors for my mental health.”