Jessie James Decker shared a new picture on Instagram.

She rocked a striped bikini for the update

She was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In her caption, she thanked her fans for being so supportive.

She wrote, “When you see this photo you may see thirst trap, but what I see is 10 women behind it hyping it up in Cabo.”

She added, “We all took turns taking sexy photos of each other on the beach for fun and it made me smile so much to see all of us girls cheering each other on!”

She earned plenty of likes and comments.

One commented, “You're so right! You look amazing and beautiful! Having a loving encouraging crew makes it so much more fun and easy to let go!”

A second commenter added, “Ummmmm you had three babies????? Nope. Looking absolutely gorgeous Jess!!”