Ken Jennings took over hosting duties of “Jeopardy!” on November 8.

That was the one-year anniversary of Alex Trebek’s death.

Jean Trebek had given Jennings Alex’s cuff links, which fans interpreted as a sign that Alex wanted Jennings to be the next host.

However, Mayim Bialik is back to host a brand new special “Jeopardy!” tournament.

This will be the first-ever Professor’s Tournament featuring instructors from American colleges and universities.

The tournament will run from December 6 – December 17.

15 professors will compete for a chance to appear during the second week’s semi-finals.

The last two days of the tournament will be a 2-day final round where the cumulative scores will determine the winner.

The contestant with the most money will win the grand prize, and, more importantly, the honor of being crowned a “Jeopardy!” tournament champion.