Jennifer Lopez

Reveals She Never Leaves The House Without Wearing Lip Gloss and Mascara... Even To The Gym!

The 'Hustlers' star revealed that she does not leave her house unless she has a little makeup on... even if she plans to get sweaty and dirty.

Lopez shared a video of her post-workout skincare routine and finally answered fans' questions about how her skin looks so good (hint: she uses JLO Beauty products).

While demonstrating how she gets clean, she let slip a few interesting tidbits about her beauty secrets.

"I can't leave the house without lip gloss and mascara," she said. "Honestly, I put the booster on as well to go up and workout. I put it on my shoulders."

The 'On The Floor' singer said the makeup isn't for other people, but rather she does it for herself.

"Yeah, I put it on. I want to look good when I look in the mirror. I have to motivate myself," she said. "I like to wear a cute outfit!"

Totally Justified

Lopez explained that her JLO Beauty cleanser takes off dirt, oil, and makeup... if you wear it to the gym as the star does.